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Designs by Paula Gaynor

Our Story

Brandeis modeling the LENA CHEETAH

Brandeis modeling the LENA CHEETAH

After 25 years in the furniture industry, spending much of my time developing product and fabric lines, I came to understand that fashion and function should not be separated. As I began to wear reading glasses, I realized I was dissatisfied with the eyeglass cases available. So I created soft, luxurious, yet protective eyeglass cases, in the finest fabrics and leathers available. Cases that offer fashion choices, whether elegant or whimsical, and that allow glasses to be cushioned in a protective case so they can be easily retrieved rather than fearing a hard snapping closure. Eyeglass cases that work even in the smallest of bags.

Of course, handbags were not far behind. Our handbags are always seen and speak to our image. They should make a fashion statement, but also need to do everything we ask of them. The same fine fabrics and leathers used in the eyeglass cases have been used in my bags and make for perfect coordination. We deserve to be fashion icons even when function is of paramount importance.

Paula Gaynor